You deserve an Advisor and Team who are here for you through all life's transitions – even simple ones such as buying a car or signing up for a new credit card. With decades of experience in the financial field, we've helped hundreds of clients become more savvy about their finances, and we love it that so many of them refer us to their friends and neighbors.

Complimentary Second Opinion

Many times, when seeing a health care professional, you might wish to get a ‘Second Opinion’. Shouldn’t the health of your financial planning strategies and investments garner the same type of attention? We think so! That’s why we provide a complimentary second opinion regarding your financial situation. There’s no pressure and no drama – just solid factual considerations that you have the option to do with what you wish.

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Goals-Based Planning

We work with our clients through either a comprehensive financial plan or a goals-based plan. We have found that comprehensive planning, at the earliest possible time, results in the best potential to achieve or exceed the clients’ goals. But we also know that a comprehensive plan might feel overwhelming. Clients often decide to add to their goals-based plans at a later date. We want our clients to feel comfortable in the planning process of their choice. Our Financial Planning process may be either Fee-Only or included with other services. That is the client's choice.

Each financial plan is built specifically to your unique situation. We have many ways we can implement the plan, and we will help guide you with the pros and cons of every option, so you have ownership and choice in your future.

As we guide and coach you through the entire planning process, you begin to see the puzzle pieces come together and develop into a beautiful picture of options for your future you haven’t been able to envision.

Asset Management

Our clients don’t participate in the entire process of a bear market (defined as a drop of 20% or more of asset value). That’s why we have spent more than a decade learning, understanding and using technical and tactical analysis of assets. There are ways to make positives out of a bad market environment. We partner with firms that help us do just that. There will always be Bears and Bulls fighting for control in the market. We know how to make sure they don’t control your assets.

Risk Management

There are things you can’t afford to lose. We know how to help you protect them in the most efficient way possible. The financial planning process is one of the best ways to adhere all of your future goals together, effectively, with a sound risk management plan.

But in the financial planning process, there's more to risk than protecting your income for your family, covering expenses at your death, protecting your car, etc. There is RISK in your asset choices. At Gleason Financial Group we really want to KNOW your risk tolerance. Do you know the risk in your 401(k)? Or your investment account? Every asset has a risk of some sort – even those that are guaranteed. We know and understand the risks that are inherent in finance, and we want to know where you stand on the Risk/Reward scale so we can tailor your investments to your specific risk tolerance level. Take our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to find out what your risk number REALLY is!

Tax Management

It really IS about how much you keep. That’s just as important as how much you make. We are seen as experts in tax analysis – and that goes much deeper than the first two pages of the 1040. We love helping our clients develop ways of keeping more of what they earn. Cindy is a member in good standing of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group which provides the latest updates in tax law and how it affects her clients.

Retirement Planning

One of the biggest transitions in life is going from working one day to being retired the next. How do you see that first day of retirement? And how about day 962? Or day 12,615? We are here to guide and coach you through planning for and living your best retirement.

One of the biggest questions clients ask is, “Where is the money going to come from when I retire?” You have prepared, planted, cultivated and now it's time to harvest your retirement income. We understand the distribution planning strategies that will help you keep more of what you started with by utilizing tax efficiency. We have your back when it comes to distribution planning, social security strategies and any other Transitions that show up during retirement.

Estate Planning

Each and every one of our clients are unique. And their families are unique. We know that your family is unique as well. What is the most effective way to move those assets from one generation to the next – or even to a subsequent generation? We work with you and your team, which may include your lawyer or a tax professional or other trusted adviser. Cindy is one of the only financial professionals in the state of Iowa that is trained in Elder Mediation. Many times those tough conversations with a trained professional can go much easier and get to something that maintains the integrity of all participants. We have the expertise for these Transitions, too!


Many of our clients have questions about things of everyday nature. Maybe they have lost their spouse, or they were single all their life. They might ask about assistance in how to purchase a car – how much can I spend? What should I look for? How can I help my children through a tough time? How do I pay off this credit card debt most effectively? These, and many more questions, come our way on a regular basis. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you. And after nearly three decades as a trusted advisor, we’ve heard a LOT of questions.

Our clients start with a need. Then they become a client. Then they become a friend – someone we want to help through all of those times where they need just a nudge, or sometimes a bigger nudge. We ARE Gleason Financial Group BECAUSE of our clients.


Cindy provides mediation services for couples, oftentimes requested by lawyers, who are looking for expertise and assistance in the financial issues of a divorce proceeding. As a certified expert in this area, Cindy can provide expert testimony in divorce cases and can also serve as a 'financial neutral' expert for couples seeking to separate as part of a collaborative divorce, which is an alternative to litigation.

For more information about divorce litigation, mediation or collaborative divorce, please go to or contact Cindy directly at

Behavioral Financial Advice

No one should make a major financial decision when they are emotionally upset. Scientific research shows that when our emotions are high, we are less likely to make rational decisions because the emotional part of our brain literally takes over our thinking. A trained Behavioral Financial Advisor, Cindy Gleason uses compassion and situational analysis to help individuals and families make more thoughtful decisions about their financial future – without the drama.

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