Financial Planning for Every Season

At Gleason Financial Group, we look at financial planning a bit like a farmer looks at an open field. We take care to plant seeds that can grow and flourish with care and nourishment. We also take pride in the results of our toil: a bountiful harvest that provides for our clients and their families today and tomorrow.

Your personal situation and financial goals are unique to you, and that’s why we take the time necessary to get to know each and every one of our clients. We ask thoughtful questions about your financial situation, goals and values. We set clear ideas of long-term income needs and establish timelines for investment maturity. We’ll also identify potential storms and help you weather them.

Once we have a clear idea of your values and goals, we work with you to decide what types of crops to plant. We stress the importance of patience (have you ever met an impatient farmer?), and work with you to ensure that we strike the right balance between risk and security.

During this phase, we tend to your investments and look for ways to help them flourish. Sometimes this means pulling invasive weeds and pruning back overgrowth, but no matter the chore, you can be sure we’ll be putting our expertise to work for you and your family.

When it’s harvest time, we will help you make the most efficient use of your financial bounty provided by your investments. The selective and strategic use of savings and investments helps our clients enjoy their golden years and still leave a legacy of wealth for future generations.

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